Welcome to Your Website!

This page is designed to give you some important information about your website. Your website is designed using WordPress and the Divi Theme.  Please keep in mind that the following links to tutorials describing the CMS and Divi Theme may depict areas or features that you may not have access to.  This is to ensure the integrity of the website and prevent unintentional changes that will break the site and make it unusable.

To avoid accidentally making a change that will break the site or cause it to function abnormally, please DO NOT use the WordPress Classic Editor to make changes to content. 

Instead, select Use Divi Builder or Build On The Front End (Divi Visual Builder).  Visual Builder is most often the best choice because you can see your changes immediately.

We have provided a Practice Page which is only viewable by Administrators and Editors where you can safely test elements of the Divi Builder and become more familiar with their usage.

For a comprehensive listing of Divi / WordPress tutorials, from the left-hand sidebar select Appearance -> Divi Training.

Use the contact form below to quickly reach out for support if you have any trouble!

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